Week 2 – Framing

I missed the part when G built the subfloor with our carpenter. So basically, after the “Siebdruckplatte” layer, we have the floor framing on top of it. They have built it in this way – after measuring and cutting the correct size of “Siebdruckplatte”, they built the floor framing according to the plan and fix the “Siebdruckplatte” on top of the framing first then turned over the whole “Siebdruckplatte + floor framing” combination and fixed it well on the trailer.

Today, I found out that the trailer height is actually 52cm, it is not 44cm according to the information on Vlemmix website. We quickly made adjustment on the another half of our framing and made sure that the house is not more than 4m height.

This is how we fix the “Siebdruckplatte + floor framing” on the trailer.

For framing, we have used “KVH Holz” in 4.5cm x 10cm size for floor framing and the house framing. We have used 4.5cm x 12cm size for our roof framing. It means, we have 10cm thick insulation and 12cm thick insulation in our roof.

Putting up the second part of the framing