Our Plan

In the beginning, we did not thought about that building the house by ourselves as both of us have not clue about wood work and we do not have the confident to build the house all by ourselves. We kept searching online, asking quotation from different companies that build tiny houses, most of them are quite out of our budget.

After few months of searching, we felt so lucky and grateful that we got contact from a group of nice people that were going to set up a tiny house workshop in Regensburg, they might give us a help.

After few months of waiting, we got a contact of Alex, our carpenter, he agreed to help us and guide us to build the house. He told me that we have to draw out the house framing by ourselves, I really thought that was a mission impossible. Although I have studied graphic design, I can draw something with Illustrator but I have completely no idea in creating a 3D drawing plan. After learning a tiny bit of the free 3D drawing tool – SketchUp, I gave up. Then, I tried using Illustrator to get the house framing done, it was not the right way and also not the correct way drawing a plan for a house but it was the way I felt comfortable in finishing the plan. I also found good framing references online which helped me a lot in drawing the plan.

On the week 2, I was so happy when I saw the house framing in real. It took us more than 1 year from searching, pending, meeting, ordering the trailer, drawing the plan, negotiating the use of the workshop, we are truly grateful that we are able to come to this stage.