Week 14

This week we have done a lot of different small tasks. There is a lot of painting jobs for me. I painted the whole house again and also have put silicon all around window from inside.

Finally, we received another side of our facade, so we can finish painting.

We also tried to weigh the house today to find out if we can tow the house. Thanks Samuel and Philip, friends from Alex have spent their time in the rain helping us to weigh the house. Unfortunately, we didn’t know how to use the device correctly, it showed 9000kg. Then we gave up in trying and tried to find other way to bring the house. We were hoping the house is below 3.5 tons and Alex is willing to bring the house to us. I just worried about the transport, it is 550km away from Regensburg, it is better to use special transport than towing it all the way to the north.