Week 17.2 – Storage Staircase

Day 2 , we continued the build in the school. Below are the steps how we build. First we need to use the machine like below make a hole where we want to combine.

The holes look like this.
Then I glued the connectors into each hole.
Then we combine all the part carefully.
After we making sure they combine well, we put on screws on both sides.
We brought back part by part from the school to the tiny house workshop
Alex combined all parts together and made some adjustment. For example, bottom part of the staircase need to be cut away because of the wheel well.
I slept in the house on the second night =p


Week 17.1 – Storage Staircase

This week is very exciting. We have done a lot, including the storage staircase, and exhibition in the city center and also meet with people from the company who will manage the transport for us. I divide my post about this week into 3 parts.

We have chosen “3-Schicht Fichte C+” board for our storage staircase. First, I sketched up a plan that I want and make a list of all sizes of the board we need. Alex sent the list to Bauhaus and they cut all the boards accordingly. Please check out here for the plan – https://flowwiththetiny.home.blog/the-staircase-storage/

Alex showed me the professional way to build furniture. It was very interesting and of course I have learned something as well.

We picked up all our boards from Bauhaus.
Alex is a wood teacher, we built the furniture in his school. We brought the furniture part by part with the little car back to the tiny house workshop.
As there was a party in the WG that I always stay over night, I tried to sleep in the tiny house for the first time =p