Week 17.3 – Exhibiton

Alex had a little wish that we can exhibit the house in the city center. We were so worry a day before about the move of the house, as we were not sure about the weight and so on. We are glad that everything went smoothly and we brought back the house to the workshop safely. huuu….

There were a lot of curious people, some think that the house is very cool, some think that it is a house only for holiday, some think that this is a house for 1 person or just for student, some think that this is the future for people to afford a house and etc. Most of them they concern about the size of the house, the planning permission (Baugenehmigung), how much does it cost and the most important question is where to put it.

What I know that in Germany, if you place the house on the camping place or tiny house village, you do not need planning permission for the house but you need to register the trailer to get a car plate and TÜV (not more than 4m high, 2.5m wide and 3.5 tons) then you are able to tow it. If you want to put at someone else garden, you need to get planning permission.