Compost Toilet

During Corona time, we were happy that we can spend time on this beautiful place and we were pretty productive, we built up a little garden, created a compost box, installed lights in our kitchen, got our own fridge, built a shoes rack, installed door for our closet, got a second sofa from our neighbour, sewed curtains for each window, got a small electric cooking stove and etc.

There is no perfect place, except the experience be able to spend such a nice time in the nature, we also experienced the imperfections, the closest water tap to our house was not working, the only 2 toilets in the common area here were nearly not working, we were unable to connect any WIFI for month. We did a little research about compost toilet and we decided to buy one for ourselves instead of building one. We have been using Nature’s head compost toilet nearly a month, it is just great. It is a urine and poo separated toilet, we don’t need any water to flush anything away. The container for urine, it gets normally full after 2 days, we just empty it under trees or on the grass. The part for poo, we put coconut fiber that came with the toilet, each time after using it, we have to mix/stir it with the handle on the side. It gets full after 60-80 times of use, we would said for 2 people, we need to empty it after 1 month.

On our camp site, there is a compost bin with lid for us to continue compost the poo, we can simply empty it inside. After 1 or 2 years, they will be very great soil for the garden.

After 5 months staying here without our own toilet, this is like a little upgrade for us, we can now use toilet comfortably at home, without going anywhere. The most important fact about this toilet is, it does not smell, it has only a little smell of soil or smell from the coconut fiber. This toilet is pretty expensive but we have no regret about our decision.

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