About us

We are Ling and G, based in Germany. We are building our tiny house with a carpenter in Regensburg and the house will be located at about 50km north from Berlin. I would like to share our tiny house building process here. Since we are in Germany, so I mention the name of all the materials that we used in German.

We are renting a workshop under an alternative group in Regensburg https://www.transition-regensburg.de/ There are 6 Tiny houses have been built in the workshop, including ours.

We are sincerely thanks to Alexander Plank, our carpenter who has helped us a lot in building and be with us during the whole process, without his commitment in help, our plan of the house will not become real. http://auwegkartell.de/

Without a group of nice people who are dedicate themselves in organizing and renting the whole workshop, we don’t have the chance to build the house. We thank from our heart to Leon, Katie, Razvan, Jasmin, Benne, Bernd who have given us so many useful information and also given us many good advice before and during the build 🙂

And also thanks to the lovely people in the WG which only 5 min walk from the workshop, they hosted us almost every weekend since June, we are glad that we have a place to stay overnight during the build of the house.

Thanks to Samuel and Philip, friend of Alex who helped us to tow the house when we needed.

Thanks to Wen Chin and Alex, my good friends who helped me to paint the house.

Thanks to Mr. Günther who helped us to get the contact of the transport company who arrange the delivery of the house.

Thanks to Margitta, Thomas and Tino who gave a support and help us to unload the house.

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