The Storage Staircase

This is the plan that I sketched up for our storage staircase. The height from floor to loft is 197cm. From left to right, cupboard for fridge (60cm), some drawers (bottom), shelf for groceries (40cm), cupboard for clothes (80cm) and staircase for other stuffs. The staircase with 90cm is storage for shoes and also designed to be as seats on top.

We have chosen “3-Schicht Fichte C+” board for our storage staircase. The board is 19mm thick which is the standard size for furniture. Alex sent the list to Bauhaus and they cut all the boards accordingly.

We are already used to live with very little stuff, I think there is plenty of space for 2 of us to fit out stuffs in.

Check here out for the result –

I want to get 2 doors from Ikea to fit the cupboard design so I tried to make the cupboard size exactly like the one from Ikea.