Framing Plan

I have spent months in doing the framing plan. It is pretty challenging as I don’t have skill in creating 3D plan. I tried my best to sketch out the plan with Adobe Illustrator with some references that I found online. I also consulted some friends of friend from France who gave me some good advice in the plan.

The framing of the house is very important. At this stage, we have to decide how big are all the windows, what is the height of the loft, how wide is the insulation and etc.

We have made some tiny changes and amendments during the build but this plan that I have made turned out pretty well.

We used KVH 4.5cm x 10 cm timber for house framing. For the roof, we used 4.5cm x 12cm timber.

This plan is for reference use only, it is a DIY project from us, it has worked well for us with some small amendments during the build, we take no responsibility for anyone else projects. Thanks.

Dieser Plan ist nur ein Referenz. Es ist ein selbstgemachter Projekt von uns, es hat mit einigen kleinen Änderungen während des Baus und es hat für uns gut funktioniert. Wir übernehmen keine Verantwortung für andere Projekte. Vielen Dank.