Week 4.1 – Wiring

We have done quite a lot in the week 4. One of the most challenging part is wiring. I have done a lot of research and someone has also explained to me how to do it. After many changes and considerations, finally I have managed it. This youtube channel – Elektroinstallation-selber-machen has helped me a lot in understanding. We only do the wiring by ourselves, we will let the electrician to finish the rest of the connection.

We have only done wiring in one side of the wall. The other side where the cupboards and staircase are, we will lay the cable outside of the wall, all cables will be hidden inside or cupboards. For toilet area, we will lay the cable inside the separated wall. Someone told us that, it is better not to lay any cables or water pipes in between the insulation and framing, I have seen many people do in this way during my research. Just in case, we need to repair any cables, we don’t have to open up the whole wall and also it is better to have a well sealed wall with complete piece of insulation inside the wall.

First, we draw out a plan and decide where we want to have plug, switches and lights. We try to keep it as simple as possible.
Second, I have to know how do all the cables run and how long they are.
My friend explained to me how to do the wiring for plugs, switches and lights.
  • Cable for normal plug, switch and light – NYM – J 3×1.5.
  • Cable for oven – NYM – J 5×2.5.
  • Cable between 2 switches to turn on one light – NYM – J 5×1.5.