Step by step

We have been living by this beautiful lake for 2 months now, it is just so precious and lucky that we have the chance to live in the nature. Every time, after we make a day trip to Berlin, we just feel so happy to come back here. We can also truly observe the change of our surrounding, we can see swans strolling on the lake or flying above the sky like a plane, we are happy to create this connection with the nature before it disappears.

At the moment we do not have kitchen or water supply yet in the house but we have the feel that we are actually having a pretty luxury life here with a warm and comfy shelter where we call home. We have a common shared kitchen, shower room and toilet on this land, we are actually not in the rush to have all this in the house, but hopefully we will have a kitchen by this summer. Our life now is like someone would pay more than 200euro a nights for a glamping experience in the nature but we are actually living in it.

By now, we have installed 2 very important systems in the house which is the heat exchange ventilator to decrease the humidity in the house and also a heating system that run by gas. Beside that, we also already have electric supply in the house. The house will be slowly be completed.

There is nothing perfect in life, perfection is boring.

I just can’t wait to start growing some vegetables. I have actually created compost heaps here and there to cover the open soil. I also have created a garden bed, I would like to do a small experiment of what I have learned in the past few years. I have collected horse manure, rotten wood, our veggies waste and also coffee ground from cafe to make the bed. Hopefully worms will find the cozy home very soon that I have created for them.

3 weeks in the house

What has happened?

In the last 3 weeks, we have been adjusting our life here in the tiny house. We don’t have heating system, water, kitchen, shower room, toilet in the house yet but we have a least an extension cable from outside through the door corner. Luckily we got an Infrared Heating from someone, we can at least heat the house before we get the heating system installed.

The biggest problem we have is the humidity inside the house, as the house is so properly sealed, in a small a space with 2 people breathing, the humid air has no way out from the house. And another reason the house is so humid is that the house was new and never get heated up, after the house got heat up for the first time, we could see that all of our stuffs in the house were full moisture as well as all windows and door.

We borrowed a measuring tool from our neighbor to check the humidity level, it shows always 70%-80%, one morning it showed 90%. The normal level should be between 40%-60%. We open our windows 2-3 times everyday for the air exchange. The worst thing happened that we did not realize earlier is our futon mattresses on the loft already have some mold after 2 weeks sleeping on it. We were sweating every night like crazy because the air was so humid, we only found out the reason after we found the mold 😀

We borrowed a dehumidifier from someone here and got slatted bed base for our mattresses, I think it improves a bit. At least there is no more moisture on our windows and doors in the morning. We will need to install heat exchanger for the house.

The upcycling staircase 🙂
It looks pretty cozy at the moment.
I have installed some of the plugs 🙂