Due to the problem with humidity living in a small space with 2 people, we have done some researches that we really need a ventilation with heat exchange function in our house.

Many people recommend us using Lunos because it is smaller, compact and it is pretty silent when it runs. We have been using for 2 days now, we are still observing and we need to borrow a humidity measurement tool again to check the humidity level in the house.

Basically, this device is designed for a normal house for a ticker wall, as our wall is only 15 cm thick, we need to build a small box to hole the device and also a tiny box to hold all the cables for the control panel.

For the electrical part, someone has showed me step by step how to connect, I’m happy that it works. We need a YR 6X0.8 cable, which mean there are 6 tiny cables in a cable, connect it from the ventilator to the control panel according to the given instruction from their manual. Connect the power supply cables (only blue and brown) with wire connectors (Kabel Wago) together with the cables from the adaptor (Netzteil 18W) and from the adaptor connect the red and black cables to the control panel. It is better to get advice from some one who knows about the electric installation, I was also very confused in the beginning.

Information of the product:

Where we bought it:

The list of accessories on top of the product that we bought: 01.Lunos 040112 Einschub für Lüftung ego für Küche/Bad, mit Innenblende | 02. Lunos 039891 Rundkanal 9/R160-700 , 700mm | 03.Lunos 040108 Außenhaube 1/HAZ-2 (2-Kanal), anthrazit | 04.Lunos 040113 5/SC-FT Smart-Comfort-Steuerung | 05.Lunos 039973 5/NT18 Netzteil 18W