Heating system

We have chosen Truma Combi 4CP plus as our heating system in the house. This is a pretty known heating system for caravan use, we believe it works well in our tiny house as well, it is so small and compact and we can hide it easily under our kitchen table later on. This machine not only can heat up the house fast, it can heat up water as well. At this stage, we don’t have a plan yet for our water system, we will figure it out.

We have a gas pipe line runs from this machine under the kitchen table to our shower room and to the compartment outside of the house, where we put our gas bottles. We also have a exhaust pipe from the machine to outside, There is a control panel and a thermostat come together with the machine. There is one thing quite important that we didn’t make a good plan before all the installation is, we are placing the exhaust pipe right under our ventilator @_@ which is not an good example, but our heating doesn’t run all the time, it runs only when the thermostat sense the temperature is lower than what we set on the control panel.

We didn’t install this system by ourselves, we have contacted a distributor nearby, he has done all the installation for us.

Info of the product : https://www.truma.com/de/de/home/index.html