Week 17.1 – Storage Staircase

This week is very exciting. We have done a lot, including the storage staircase, and exhibition in the city center and also meet with people from the company who will manage the transport for us. I divide my post about this week into 3 parts.

We have chosen “3-Schicht Fichte C+” board for our storage staircase. First, I sketched up a plan that I want and make a list of all sizes of the board we need. Alex sent the list to Bauhaus and they cut all the boards accordingly. Please check out here for the plan – https://flowwiththetiny.home.blog/the-staircase-storage/

Alex showed me the professional way to build furniture. It was very interesting and of course I have learned something as well.

We picked up all our boards from Bauhaus.
Alex is a wood teacher, we built the furniture in his school. We brought the furniture part by part with the little car back to the tiny house workshop.
As there was a party in the WG that I always stay over night, I tried to sleep in the tiny house for the first time =p