Week 7 / 8 – Facade

The last layer of the house, in German they call it Fassade. We have chosen “Nut und Federbrett Fichte” 19mm from our wood supplier. The wood is untreated, so we have to paint it over with paint that suitable for outdoor.

Before the facade, we have to use a tape called “Nageldichtband” to put on every part that we have wood for framing, it is a very strong sticky tape that can protect the black layer from each screw that we use for fixing the facade. After putting on the tape, we fixed the black layer with our left over “OSB platte”, then finally we can put on a beautiful final layer for the house.


Week 6.1 – Roof Insulation

After our carpenter has finished both side of the ceilings, today we are able to finish our roof insulation. Before wrapping the black layer on roof, we need to put on another layer called ” Weichfaser Dämmplatten” or ” Holzfaserdämmplatten”. It is some kind of fiberboard that we need to use on the roof, the one we ordered is 19mm, it is very fragile and we can break it easily with hand.

After putting on the fiberboard on top of the insulation, we try to finish wrapping the roof. Because of the fragile fiberboard on top, we can hardly stand on the roof to lay and stick the black layer nicely.

After finishing one half of the roof wrapping, we found out that we don’t have enough for the other half of the roof.

Week 5.1 – Ceiling

They have done the floor insulation and laying “OSB Platte” before I arrived in the workshop =D

Instead of using “OSB platte” for our ceiling, we have chosen ” Nut und Feder Bretter” from Bauhaus, it is lighter and easier to put on piece by piece. Our carpenter said that the ceiling is actually the hardest part for him to build. The angel and height make the job difficult.

Week 4.3 – Insulation

We have used Thermo Hanf Combi Jute for our Insulation, it is a natural mixed material, we bought it from here – https://www.bausep.de/thermo-natur/hanfdaemmung/. It takes about 3-4 weeks for the delivery. We use 10cm thickness of insulation for our floor and house body, 12cm thick for our roof.

Before ordering the insulation, we knew that the size would be in 58cm wide, we thought it is the standard size, so we plan for our insulation space between 2 “KVH Holz” is 57cm, so the insulation can fit in nicely without gap and also we don’t have to spend time cutting them into the right size. We did not pay enough attention while we were ordering and missed one part that we have to mention we want the insulation in 58cm wide. In the end we got our insulation delivery in 62.5cm which is the standard size from the supplier. No choice, with the well planing but mistake in ordering, I have to cut each piece of our insulation into 58cm 😦