After the summer…

This is how our house looks like after the summer. We have almost finished our kitchen. We bought 2 cupboards and the sink from Ikea. There is a shelf in between the 2 cupboards, we probably will get a mini oven to fit in the lower shelf.

Our water system in the kitchen is very old school, basically we have 2 tanks, one for fresh water with a pump in it, one for grey water and there is 10l of water in our heater (the Truma heater). We fill up the water tank every 2 days, depend how much is our water usage. We empty our grey water in our compost, I have read from my permaculture guide book that grey water is super nutritious for garden, it is not that bad as we think.

We also got a water filter from Berkey, we are very happy about it, it filter up water we are having here very clean. It is written, we can also filter or purify rainwater or lake water. It seems like a great product to have, just in case if there is water shortage from ground in the future. There are 2 filters in it, which allow us to filter around 10,000 liter water before we have to change it.

Toilet update: We are very happy and satisfy of having this compost toilet after using for 5 months. You may think, it is a bit disgusting without using water to flush or clean but actually it is extremely cleaner than usual toilet. We also have saved a lot of water, we just have to pour a little bit of water after peeing. Normally it uses at least 6 liter water per flush, older toilet use even more water in flushing. For the dry part, it mixes with coconut fiber, we also install the ventilator to keep the container not too moist for the poo to be composted. We clear it out every month into a compost bag and transfer the bag to the big container which prepared by the landlady here to continue the composting process.