Week 4.3 – Insulation

We have used Thermo Hanf Combi Jute for our Insulation, it is a natural mixed material, we bought it from here – https://www.bausep.de/thermo-natur/hanfdaemmung/. It takes about 3-4 weeks for the delivery. We use 10cm thickness of insulation for our floor and house body, 12cm thick for our roof.

Before ordering the insulation, we knew that the size would be in 58cm wide, we thought it is the standard size, so we plan for our insulation space between 2 “KVH Holz” is 57cm, so the insulation can fit in nicely without gap and also we don’t have to spend time cutting them into the right size. We did not pay enough attention while we were ordering and missed one part that we have to mention we want the insulation in 58cm wide. In the end we got our insulation delivery in 62.5cm which is the standard size from the supplier. No choice, with the well planing but mistake in ordering, I have to cut each piece of our insulation into 58cm šŸ˜¦